Walpurgisnacht 30 April 2022

Madoka Magica the Movie Watch Along

Thankie for showing interest in watching the Madoka Movie trilogy with me in the Discord server! The first 2 movies are equivalent to the TV show in regards to story, but the animation and soundtrack quality are enhanced. So even if you’ve never seen the series, you can enjoy the movies with me! This watch along will be a little more strict than others, as Madoka holds a special place in my heart, and I especially want those who’ve never seen it before to have the best experience possible.


  1. NO SPOILERS, you will be kicked from vc for the remainder of the event
  2. Please keep yourself on mute when you’re not talking
  3. When you do talk, please do so quietly and don’t talk over dialogue
  4. Please keep any discussion relevant to what’s going on in the movie
  5. If you’re not enjoying the movie, please don’t make negative remarks. You’re allowed to leave at any time.

Watch Along Interest Form

There are 3 movies: Beginnings, Eternal, and Rebellion. Each movies lasts about 2 hours long for a total of 6 hours. We can do a marathon or we can watch the first 2 movies on Fri, 29 April and the third on Sat, 30 April.